What Is a conservancy?

A conservancy is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of wildlife & nature. Most conservancies are community-based meaning that members of the community ranging from, locals to farmers, politicians each have a stake and benefit from the natural resources.

Conservancies are non-profit organisations & don’t require one to manage large extracts of land like national parks. They can be of any size and preserve anything, it doesn’t need to be wild animals.



The first conservancy was established in 1978 in South Africa. Formed by a group of local farmers with assistance from the national parks board, the objective of the group was to protect wild animals on the farmlands. This became the first case of an organisation/ group of people to protect & preserve natural areas outside of formally protected zones. Since then conservancies have sprung up around the globe but mainly in Africa.

Conservancies derive income through many activities such as wildlife hunting or game viewing. The income from tourists & trophy hunters ensures that the cost of operating a conservancy is not economically tenuous. The money is then re-invested in the project thus ensuring the protection of the natural habitat & continuation of the conservancy.

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