Save` Valley Conservancy

This blog post is going to diverge from my first post where i talked about what a conservancy is, and what functions they perform.


The Save` Valley Conservancy was formed 11 years after independence in 1991 with the approval of the Zimbabwe Government, National Parks, assisted by WWF and Beit Trust. The area previously was used for cattle ranching, as the livestock grew the environment deteriorated. Overgrazing caused degradation of topsoil and loss of all the fertile vegetation. This resulted in the landscape now becoming unproductive which brought the cattle-ranching industry to a standstill.


A conservation strategy from  Zimbabwe’s Department of national parks & wildlife management came up with the formation of Save` Valley conservancy. The conservancy  focused mainly on protecting black rhino and with a growing awareness of endangered species & eco-tourism, a conservancy offered an ideal solution. The main goal of Save` Valley conservancy was to restore the lands natural vegetation state while protecting black rhino’s from extinction. Today the conservation is highly successful with a high range of bio-diversity and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Game rangers & staff dehorning a rhino to prevent poachers from killing it to get the horn.

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